Be of Service

 Originally Posted to Facebook 10/26/17

My online direct sales company was on it's last leg. My heart really wasn't in it anymore, but I had earned an elite status trip to corporate. As a stay at home mama and my husband's business side kick you can bet your ass I was hopping on a plane and getting the hell out of here for a weekend regardless of where my makeup biz was at. As I boarded the plane alone  glancing down the aisle looking for a seat, I chose to sit next to another mother and her two young children. What the fuck was I thinking!!! I just abandoned my own family for a weekend alone and I'm choosing the dreaded mother/child combo. MOTHERS & CHILDREN are what flight nightmares are made of and this lady had two! When I looked down the aisle I had saw my own reflection in her face.  I knew what she was thinking waiting to see who would plop down next to her. I chose to sit with her was because I knew I could be of service. I knew that mothers and children aren't flight nightmares. The real nightmares are the heavy sighing assholes who can't give a mother and her children some grace.  I could shield her. I would be able to sit next to her without putting off that asshole aurora, that would amp up her own mom insecurities that I am so used to myself. This turned into the best flight I had ever been on. I got to be the person I always wished would sit next to me. At one point she needed to take the youngest to the bathroom and the oldest stayed with me watching Paw Patrols. He didn't have to explain any of the characters to me, I know what's up! It's funny had someone yelled is there a doctor on board a person with a very specific skill set would have stood up. In this instance all that was need was another mother but I possess that extraordinary skill set and I was able to put it to use! What ordinary skill set do you possess that could easily become an extraordinary service to someone else? Get out there and do good!