Broke as Fuck

originally posted to Facebook May 20, 2019

I just gave $5 to a man holding a sign that said "Broke As Fuck" I appreciated his honesty and it made me laugh out loud. He said God bless you! as I drove away, which I also appreciated. Because I too have a filthy mouth and a strong love for God's blessings! So go do some really fucking kind things today 🤬😇

*I caught more hell for this one on Facebook than I expected, but don't worry it is all well with my soul! I paid the man for the smile he gave me and I appreciated his blessing. Transaction Complete ✓ my good deed cannot be undone by the actions he chooses to take afterward. So get wild, throw caution to the wind and get down with just being kind! Even if you're broke as fuck, the ripples of kindness you create cannot be broken.