Heart Stirrings

originally posted to Facebook May 2, 2018

This afternoon I was having lunch with my mom at Olive Garden when I noticed an older woman walk in. She was your typical looking grandma. Her purple pant suit perfectly framed her flowery blouse. She had taken great care in doing her makeup and brightly colored lips. But what really stood out was the cascading chunk of purple hair flowing out of her charcoal colored updo. Not only was she was beautiful but she was fun and both radiated from her. The hostess seated her cattycorner from us and as we finished our meal I realized she wasn't waiting on anyone. She was eating alone. Don't get me wrong eating alone is my favorite gifts to give myself, but I knew she wasn't escaping the chaos of children or the office. Plus she had put a lot of time and effort into her appearance today and I couldn't let it go unnoticed. I have read where others have felt stirrings, or pulls on their heart strings and this was definitely one of those moments for me. As I stood up to leave my feet were completely pulled in her direction and I said "You are absolutely beautiful!" The tears hit her eyes as quickly as thank you touched her lips. I said you're welcome as I turned away. I couldn't say anything else. I didn't need to say anything else. Sure I wish I knew more, maybe she logged on to her Facebook or called her daughter afterwards and said something like I was eating alone at Olive Garden today and my late husband sent someone to tell me I was beautiful. I'll never know. All I know is I felt the urge to tell her she was beautiful and I acted on it and that tiny act of kindness made both of our days brighter! 

Update August 7, 2019

A woman I consider a very dear Facebook friend made a post today. She had lost her husband almost eleven months ago. As she was running errands and making stops she just couldn't "shake" the thought of him. As she was finishing up at the grocery store she was stopped by a older man in a wheel chair that smiled and said I noticed you in the parking lot on my way in. He then paid her a compliment using the exact same words her husband would have said to her. It shook her, she didn't know if she would be able to keep it together and make it through the checkout line. She took a deep breath and was able to finish up at the store. She later thought "how odd was it that he would say those words just when I needed to hear them the most."

Even though this wasn't the same woman I had my interaction with I truly believe it was under the same circumstances. It made me wonder if the feeling that she couldn't shake all day was her husband working hard to stir up the heart of someone crossing her path. How many people may have felt the urge to speak to her during the day but quieted it with their own feelings of not wanting to speak up or they were afraid to feel silly? I applaud the man for speaking to her. I assume he has reached the age to not worry much about saying what he needs to say. I know how much the conversation meant to her. Because of this I would like to challenge or encourage anyone who is reading this to always follow through if you ever feel the urge or stirring of your heart to speak to someone crossing your path you never know how it might impacted their day.