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I hesitate to offer products for sale before they are available to ship, but I am pushing myself to lose the excuses for not publishing my website sooner. 

If you believe my cause is worth your time and money and don't mind the wait I promise to deliver. I have two series available for pre-order along with a donation option if you would like to help with the initial production costs. - Much Love, Gina

Each series includes 52 Tiny Acts of Kindness, 1 Thank You Card and 1 Series Description Card.

Each series is unified by a solid color, metallic gold lettering with Tiny Acts of Kindness and the series name

 along with a tiny ladybug to serve as a happy reminder to be kind. 

Each card is 3.5" x 2" making them the perfect size to pack along anywhere.

Tiny Acts of Kindness - Keep it Going

The Keep it Going series was created to challenge you all year long. Randomly draw a card or purposefully select one as your weekly mission. Repeat the act as many times as possible or pass it along to others so that they can “keep it going”. Some acts will provide instant gratification. Others will make an impact without your knowledge. Either way never underestimate your ability to be kind and the impact that those tiny acts can have on the world around you.

Pre-Order - Keep it Going

Tiny Acts of Kindness - For Yourself

Sometimes the hardest acts of kindness to complete aren’t the ones we do for others, but the actions we take towards ourselves. I designed the For Yourself series to inspire self-love, self-care and personal growth. Select a card per week or more as necessary. Keep them in the shuffle to complete again and again or pass them along to others deserving of self-kindness. Fill your Kindness Cup up first and let it overflow into the world around you! 

Pre-Order - For Yourself

Production Donation

If you would like to make a donation towards my initial production costs I would greatly appreciate it. Your act of kindness would multiple into roughly 132,500 acts of kindness to be carried out over and over again!