(written) 9/28/18

(published) 12/10/18

I'm trying, I'm trying!

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

I've been flirting with the idea of creating a whole business around Tiny Acts of Kindness. I've been bouncing around lots of ideas and just haven't put much into motion. My birthday was coming up on August 3rd and since I don't remember my "golden" birthday, I decided to double up for my 33rd and make this the year of me! That was over four months ago. Here I sit making my first entry post and have yet to publish the website I have created in my mind. The funny thing about being a wife and mama is you can make declarations left and right but finding the time for yourself (making the time for yourself) often gets overlooked. I wanted to have every part of my website covered before clicking publish. I wanted my past collections of tiny acts perfectly placed within my new blog. I wanted my shop up and running full of brightly colored tiny act cards, series, and other goodies. I wanted all kinds of things done and it just hasn't happened yet. Then I realized how can I create an entire website based on kindness when I am overlooking being kind to the most important person I know. MYSELF!  

Under Construction

The kindest thing I could do was allow myself to post a website in construction mode. I wince as I type that. Construction mode, construction zone, the story of my life. I can't remember a time that I haven't been living in some form of construction, in a constant state of undone. As you walk up my sidewalk, I'll greet you on the front porch and rattle off some form of sorry for the mess, we are working on [fill in the blank] or my embarrassment of the unfinished might mean you don't get to come past the porch at all. Then a light bulb went off and all those thoughts about construction flipped. I thought what a freaking blessing! If I am always in a state of construction that means I am always working on improving myself and my environment. I should never be embarrassed or upset about it. I am not a prisoner to this construction, I am the creator of it! Construction is messy, it is always progress and it is always improving. So welcome to my website, come on in, take a look around, don't mind the mess, its a work in progress and every improvement I make will help bring more kindness into the lives of others.