Welcome to tinyacts.co!

    My name is Gina, I am a wife and mother of three. 

Until recently that little one liner was crushing my spirit. My entire identity had been defined by my relationships with others and I had loss my sense of self. After a four year stent with an online MLM company and diving head first into self-development side of it. I learned I would need to get out of my comfort-zone and fall in love with doing the same tiny actions over and over in order to be successful. As a mother doing the same thing over and over is my jam, but I had no desire to live life uncomfortably. In fact I wanted to get really comfortable, like knock out a couple walls, do a remodel and expand my comfort-zone, comfortable. So come on in and get comfortable! 


p.s. Don't mind the chaos or cusswords, they're everywhere!​

It took some soul searching, but here I am doing what I am comfortable with doing over and over again and it's KINDNESS! Sometimes it comes easy other times its a struggle either way its always an adventure worth sharing. Follow along with me here.

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- An Idea was born

- Finances have been secured

- and I'm currently in the pre-production phase!