About Me

     First of all welcome to tinyacts.co I am so glad you found me! For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Gina Sachs and I am the Creator of Kindness at tinyacts.co

     tinyacts.co started as a daydream for me back in 2017. At that point I had been married for 10 years and had become the right-hand-woman to my husband and the concrete construction business he started in 2009. I quit my job as an at-risk educator in a juvenile detention facility when my son was born in 2010, my daughters followed in 2014 and 2015. I was drowning in wife, motherhood and laundry and in desperate need of an identity of my own again, completely untangled from those I loved. The daydream was sufficient for a few years. I would stay up late at night or catch free moments throughout the day to fiddle with fonts and logos (It’s unbelievable how tricky it can be to create the perfect ladybug!) But when 2020 went to shit the mental escape was no longer strong enough. I knew I needed to make my dream a reality and the world needed more kindness.

     I gathered up all my daydreams and used my Masters in Microsoft® Word and PhD in Paint to format enough cards to create four decks. Keep it Going, Free & Easy, Compliments and Womankind. I found a design your own board game company and maxed out my credit card right before Thanksgiving 2020. It took four months for them to arrive. I thought I had really fucked up, but then they finally came. I was holding what had once been a daydream in my hands and they were everything I had imagined!

     They captured the feeling of kindness and could be used as IOUs or I owe the “U”niverse this act of kindness in the future. Each card feels like a gift specifically picked for the recipient, brightly colored with the sparkle of gold lettering and topped with a tiny ladybug (my dad had always called me Ginabug and this would help separate me from all the bumble-BEE kinds of the world). More than anything I want them to feel like a light-hearted, fun, game that everyone would want to participant in, bringing just as much joy to the Creators of Kindness as the Receivers. If you have been “aTAK’d” by a Tiny Act of Kindness I would love for you to share your story!




In Other News

Kind As F*ck with Gina Sachs hosted by Abigail Gazda on the Hearts Unleashed Podcast below 6/25/21