Be of Service

Be of Service

I had finally done it. I earned a leadership trip to Utah with my MLM company. I would get to spend the weekend away from my family surrounded by adults. I couldn't wait!

Yet here I stood boarding the plane and my feet lead me straight to the empty seat next to a mother and two small children. I've been on a plane with my small children and the anxiety that, that can wreak on a mother can be so heavy. So here I am being the person I had always hoped would sit with me on a plane. 

Her son and I watched Paw Patrol on his tablet, we both had already seen all the episodes. I sat with him when she got up to change her infants diaper. We never exchanged names, I have no idea what direction she was headed in when we touched down, but the kindness we shared between women, between mothers inspired this card, and I hope it also inspires you to share your gifts and be of service when the universe pulls you to do so.

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