Be Your Own Hero

I absolutely love the checkers at Walmart. They do a lot of work with very little support or appreciation. I had a cart full of stuff and 4 people behind me and just my luck the bar code on my paper plates was ripped. The checker hit her alert button and kept ringing up my other items. A CSM hollered from a few lanes away that she couldn't help she was checking. My internal voices started amping up, "I could just leave them, but I really need them and fuck doing dishes. I could make everyone wait but shit they'll all be mentally fuck you-ing me and the checker." "Ahhh! Ahhh!" My items were running out quickly and another manager walked past. The checker asked if she was there for help and she said nope. Whether she knew she actually needed help or not I'm not sure but her nope definitely answered it. "Fuck! Ahhh! Shit!" A whole lot more internal nonsense and then click, boom. I grabbed my phone, opened my Walmart app and price checked that bitch by myself, criss cross karate chop my crotch and throw my hands in the air. I saved the day for myself and no one had to get ignorant.
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