Dr. Pepper and The Kindness Cure

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After spending an ungodly amount of time being transferred around AT&T I decide I would just go to the store and ended up spending an ungodly amount of time there too. There was only one person working. He said for the past two hours before I had arrived there hadn't been a single customer. Now it was getting backed up and people where starting to bitch. I knew transferring my landline to a cell would take a while so I told him I had no problem allowing him to help others beside me. The majority of the people were only there to pay their bills (side note there are some pretty awesome and convenient ways to pay your bill besides in person at the store!) He also had to call and ask his co-worker for help several times with my transfer (I know, I know welcome to the new world of no landline! But it's on all the Sachs shirts and Jeff doesn't need his phone ringing off the hook while he's busy working). All the while my guy was being calm, cool and most importantly kind. At one point I heard him ask his co-worker if it would be to much trouble for him to bring in a Sonic Dr. Pepper for him when he was scheduled to arrive 3 hours later. He was also deflecting comments from assholes left and right. At on point someone said being understaffed made him look bad. He politely said I don't look bad I'm doing the best I can as fast as I can. (Do no harm, but take no shit! Get it brother! Holla! Holla!) He was also very concerned about my customer survey and kept apologizing. I kept telling him he was doing fine. I was entering as much of my info in his tablet while he was entering people's bills on the computer (again people there are many other options for payment!) He finally got me all set up and I assured him he wouldn't receive a bad survey from me. I even returned a few minutes later and cut in front of everyone else in line, walking straight to his work area. I said it's not from Sonic, but it is a Dr. Pepper and I greatly appreciate all your hard work, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! loud enough for any remaining haters to hear! The look on his face was worth the hour wait.


Thank you for inspiring this card!

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