Kind Strangers

Social media is flooded with stories of dangerous strangers lurking on every aisle in Walmart. Today was a different story, I encountered several kind strangers who I’d like to thank for making my trip easier.
Thanks to Mary, the kind woman who we crossed paths with at least 10 times, each time with a smile and praise for my beautiful children.
To the older gentleman who we let cut in front of us in line. He turned backed to help realign Chason’s tower of snacks, so they wouldn't fall off the conveyor belt. He was also very excited about the new light up shoes that the kids held up and showed off from the cart.
To the young cashier who helped me watch over my shoulder as I paid and Chason and Etta drank from every available water fountain.
To my uncle, who wasn't a stranger, but who kept a safe and watchful distance from the water fountains because he recognized the kids but hadn't spotted me yet.
and to the young man who saw the fear in my eyes as Etta ran towards the door too fast and too far ahead of me. His permission seeking glance and instinctive arm grab as the doors began to open stopped her in her tracks.
My trip to Walmart could have been a disaster today but because of the help of many kind strangers I was able to get through it!


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